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Website maintenance Sri Lanka

What is website maintenance?

website maintenance is an ongoing process that involves monitoring, updating, and optimizing a website’s performance, security, content, and technical aspects. By regularly maintaining a website, businesses and individuals can ensure that their online presence remains effective, secure, and engaging for visitors.

Why Website Maintenance is Important?​

Think of this process as your regular vehicle maintenance, you have to ensure that all components such as brakes, blinkers, oil, radiator coolant, radiator fan etc, are checked/replaced, Ensuring that these elements are in good condition and free of any issues guarantees a smooth-running vehicle, prioritizing not just your safety but also the safety of others.

The same concept applies to your website, Unlike servicing a car every year or every few months, maintaining a website requires regular attention, ideally on a weekly basis or even daily if feasible. It involves consistently updating security measures and ensuring smooth functionality to prevent any disruptions for website visitors.

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Website maintenance Sri Lanka

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Website Maintenance Services

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What is included in website maintenance plan ?

Website maintenance is a complex and ongoing process that demands continuous effort. It involves comprehensive monitoring of every aspect of the website and performing repeated diagnostics to guarantee error-free operation and optimal performance.


Case Description

1st Year

Maintenance of 1st Year
  • Minor changes during first month – Free
  • CMS Security patches/upgrades : Free
  • Modifications/updates :  Free – up to 3 changes by DKMEDIA
  • Add pages :  Free – If pending pages available in the current  package
  • Modifications/updates more than 3   – Starting from LKR 1000/- (may vary accordingly the requirement) Only if you haven't subscribed for any website maintenance services
  • Bug fixing and problem solving : Charges will apply
Case Description

Renewals : 2nd year onwards

Maintenance throughout the year
  • Update CMS versions regularly
  • Conduct Regular website backups
  • Security assurance and updates
  • Optimize website loading speed
  • Fix website errors such as 404s
  • Make necessary redirects
  • Update pages
  • Update Products(requires ecommerce maintenance package)
  • Analytics monitoring
  • Modify and update existing website content
  • Add new website content
  • Update page title tags and meta descriptions
  • Basic On-page SEO Optimization
  • Database backups
  • Ensure domain name and hosting is renewed
  • Add and update new blog contents
  • Renewal price: Obtained package price 15,750/30,000/25,000/31,500/35,000/69,000 Upwards please refer to the website maintenance packages section
  1. Modifications/updates :  8 - 2160 hours per year
  2. Backup /Restore
  • Modifications/updates exceeding the package's total hours   – Starting from LKR 1000/- (may vary accordingly the requirement) *Applicable for on-demand plans

Add additional pages

  • Upgrade the website to higher package or choose addons
  • If pending pages available in the current package : add pages  free of charge
Any other/ Special cases
Will be handled case by case Bug fixing and problem solving : issues occurred due to customer’s activity– Min. of LKR 5000/-
  • Revamp/Re-design a website may occur at any time during the year upon the customer’s request
  • Full Package price will be charged. If not according to the requirement (more features-higher the value)
Website maintenance packages Yearly service rates
1 hour per month | 12 hours per year (For non-ecommerce websites)
LKR 15,750
40 minutes per month | 480 minutes per year (8 hours per year)
LKR 5000
4 hours per month | 48 hours per year (For non-ecommerce websites) - WEBSITE MAINTENANCE ADDON BASIC+
LKR 30,000
8 hours per month | 96 hours per year
LKR 55,000
60 hours per month | 720 hours per year
LKR 300,000
180 hours per month | 2160 hours per year
LKR 1,080,000
2 hours per month | 24 hours per year (With security solution)For non-ecommerce websites
LKR 25,000
1 hour per month | 12 hours per year (with security solution)For e-commerce and regular websites - WEBSITE MAINTENANCE ADDON STANDARD
LKR 31,500
2 hours per month | 24 hours per year(with security solution) For ecommerce and regular websites (Bonus hours - Upto 6 hours per year, subject to availability)
LKR 35,000
2 - 4 hours per month | 24 - 48 hours per year (with security solution) for any type of website - WEBSITE MAINTENANCE ADDON ADVANCE
LKR 69,000 - 120,000

You can add any of following security add-ons for any of the above listed website maintenance plans or add only website security add-ons as a standalone service,

Note: Some website maintenance plans comes with security solution by default (please contact a sales agent for assistance)

Website Security Addon Yearly Service Rates
Security Addon Standard (Routine malware scans, CSP rules- non destructive, XSS protection, MYSQL injection protection, bruteforce protection, login attack prevention and complete protection against common cyber attacks)
LKR 5000
Security Addon Standard+ (Standard addon features+strict destructive CSP rules+Multi-Tenant threat intelligence sharing)
LKR 6500
Security Addon Pro - (standard security features+Multi-tenant Realtime threat intelligence) block over 40,000 malicious IPs+extended dual layers of protection
LKR 65,000
Security Addon Advance(Pro addon features+extended dual layers of protection+frequent security audits+telephone support
LKR 150,000
Security Addon Care - (Pro security features+Multi-tenant Realtime threat intelligence) block over 40,000 malicious IPs, For business owners who value their time. We install, configure, optimize, and monitor dual layers of security for you. If there's an incident, we take care of it. Unlimited incident response and hands-on support.
LKR 200,000
Security Addon Maxa (fast threat response+GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard Certificate+Telephone reporting+Multi-Tenant threat intelligence sharing+Automated monitoring)
LKR 500,000
Security Addon Extreme(DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV Certificate+Realtime threat response with Multi-Tenant threat intelligence sharing+Automated+live human monitoring+telephone reporting)
LKR 1,500,000
Website maintenance weekly/daily Fixed rates per week/day
6 hours per day
LKR 3000 (per day)
42 hours per week
LKR 15,000 (per week)
1 hour per day (7 hours per week)
LKR 3750 per week
Website maintenance On demand Fixed rates for year
100 hours per year+FREE Security Solution (No monthly limits)
LKR 40,000
Additional hours hourly service rates(for total hours)
1 hour
LKR 3000
2 hours
LKR 5000
4 hours
LKR 8000
6 hours
LKR 12,000
10 hours
LKR 20,000
Additional Page creation (custom designed) One-time fee
1 page
LKR 5000 Fixed price+ hours (2 hours are free of charge)