The magical 101 recipe to rank better on alexa

How to improve Alexa ranking fast

How to improve alexa rank fast – The magical recipe to rank better on Alexa.

Hello and welcome to a new episode of how to improve alexa rank fast – the magical recipe to rank better on alexa. Were you thinking of how to improve your Alexa ranking fast, Have you ever noticed that some websites rank better than the others, then this article will help you to get an idea of what is alexa and how alexa rank works and how you can rank better on alexa.

What is Alexa?

Alexa rank is a tool that measures how popular a website is, It measures and ranks millions of websites on the internet in order of their popularity. With an Alexa rank of #1 being the most popular website in the world. So now we know what is alexa rank and how alexa rank works.

How you can rank better on Alexa?

Improving Alexa rank isn’t a rocket science though there are few factors that plays a major role in boosting alexa traffic rank.

  • The domain name:

    if you have selected a domain name with more common popular keywords, then it’s likely to be ranked up quickly on alexa because popular keywords drive more organic traffic to your website resulting in boost in alexa rank.
  • SEO :
    If you have done your SEO properly, then it’s likely to bring more visitors to your website resulting in improvement in Alexa rank
  • Paid online advertising & Social media marketing:
    You may not think that sharing your website link on your facebook timeline may actually increase your alexa ranking. Try to get more people to visit your website often. You may submit your website to website review to get some FREE exposure to your website.
  • Try to update your website contents oftenly, Adding a blog section and writing new blog posts often will also help you to improve your alexa rank.
  • Do 301 Redirect your unused domains to the website in which you are trying to improve the alexa rank.
  • Try to find popular domains which are expired and has higher DA rankings
  • Visit your website daily and try to update contents oftenly, keep your CRM software upto date cause most people don’t update their website software.
  • Install alexa tool bar

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